Interoperability Workshop: Day 2 Summaries

On Day 2 of our workshop, the attendees’ challenge was greater: how can we engage all relevant parties to improve the integration of emerging automation systems related to the electric system? The GWAC proposes to hold a symposium to articulate interoperability issues and begin the process of identifying actions (small and large) that will move us in the right direction. The framework document is to be used as a guiding map and should serve to identify tracks and priorities. Thus, on Day 2 of our workshop, we will try to set the stage by answering some of these questions: What should such an event look like? Who should attend? How shall it be organized? Who will participate to plan and lead aspects of it? The attendees were divided into 4 groups, each group envisioning this symposium and how to organize it. The notes collected from each of these groups is presented below:

Blue Yellow Group

Green Group

Orange Group

Red Group