Transactive Energy Workshop 2011

The goal of this workshop was to address different approaches to the use of variable pricing models throughout the power system – from generation through transmission and distribution to consumption. Techniques based on such approaches are called “Transactive energy.”

This new term, transactive energy, is beginning to be used by different groups within the electric power industry. Under the sponsorship of the GridWise Architecture Council (GWAC) this workshop brought together a small group of experts working in the domain. The workshop was intended to start discussions on defining what is meant by transitive energy, discussing the benefits of extending the market based economic model throughout an electric power system, discussing different dimensions such as regulatory and technical aspects, summarizing examples of current transitive energy approaches and their relationship to current systems and practices, identifying open issues, and finally proposing a path forward for work in this area.

The complete proceedings (PDF 428KB) are available for download including the individual presentations.

A dozen researchers and practitioners participated in the 2011 workshop. Another workship is planned in May 2012.

Transactive Energy Workshop
OATI, Redwood City, California
May 18, 2011