What is the GridWise Architecture Council (GWAC)?

The GridWise Architecture Council (GWAC) is a team of industry leaders who are shaping the guiding principles, or architecture, of a highly intelligent and interactive electric system—one ripe with decision-making information exchange and market-based opportunities. This architecture will provide guidelines for interaction between participants and interoperability between technologies and systems.

How can I get involved with GWAC?
Please email us to attend the GWAC Meeting (gridwiseac.coordinator@pnnl.gov). All are welcome.

Upcoming Events

GWAC Monthly Meetings

– July 10, 2024, at 10am-12pm PDT
– August 6, 2024, at 10am-12pm PDT (please note this is a Tuesday)

September 9-12, 2024

Anaheim, CA
RE+ Renewing What’s Possible. Learn more! GWAC Symposium Registration site opening soon – watch for updates.

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GWAC Progress & Accomplishments

2020 – Transactive Energy FAQ
2020 – Smart Buildings as a Transactive Energy Hub
2020 – Decision Maker’s Interoperability Checklist v.1.6
2020 – Reliability and Resilience Considerations for TE Systems
2018 – TE Systems Research, Development and Deployment Roadmap
2016 – TE Decision Makers Checklist
2015 – Valuation of Transactive Energy Systems Proceedings

2024 – A Practical Introduction to Common Grid Architecture Techniques
2020 – Smart Buildings as a Transactive Energy Hub. August 2020 (PNNL-30103 V1)
2020 – Transactive Energy FAQ
2020 – Reliability and Resilience Considerations for Transactive Energy Systems (PNNL-300017)
2020 – Decision-Maker’s Interoperability Checklist (V1.6) (PNNL-29962)
2020 – Interoperability Maturity Model (IMM) (PNNL-29683)
2019 – GridWise® Transactive Energy Framework V1.1

The Council


Ron Bernstein
President, RBCG, LLC

Jan 2023 – Dec 2024


Ron Ambrosio
Independent Energy Transformation Professional

Jan 2024-Dec 2025

Kay Aikin
Founder – Chief Product Officer
Dynamic Grid/ Introspective Systems, LLC

Jan 2023 – Dec 2024

Andrew Bordine
Senior Practice Manager in Grid Automation for Actalent

Jan 2024- Dec 2025

Shawn Chandler
Director at Guidehouse

Jan 2024-Dec 2025

Marc Costa
Director of Policy and Planning, The Energy Coalition

Jan 2024-Dec 2025

David Forfia
Consultant, Utilicast

Jan 2023-Dec 2024

Ahlmahz Negash
Senior Power Analyst at Tacoma Power 

Jan 2023-Dec 2024

Mark Ortiz
Lead Architect at Schneider Electric

Jan 2023-Dec 2024

Lorenzo Kristov
Principal, Electric System Policy, Structure, Market Design

Jan 2023-Dec 2024

Farrokh Rahimi
Executive Vice President, Open Access Technology International, Inc. (OATI)

Jan 2024-Dec 2025

Aaron Snyder
Director of Grid Technology Consulting at EnerNex

Jan 2024-Dec 2025

Leonard Tillman
Partner, Balch & Bingham LLP of Birmingham

Jan 2024-Dec 2025