Interoperability Workshop: Position Papers and Scenarios

The attendees were asked to apply the framework categories to a scenario of personal interest and encouraged to submit a 2-page position paper based on one or two questions arising from their review of the framework document. The following are the submitted papers and scenarios prepared by some of the attendees in preparation for our workshop.

Interactions Between Information Systems and Electric Power Systems: The Vasa Redux – Sunil Cherian, Spirae, Inc.

Scenario: Private Distribution Grid – Toby Considine, University of North Carolina.

Scenario: Third Party Customer Face – Toby Considine, University of North Carolina.

Critical Electricity Infrastructures at Risk The Advent of the System of Systems Engineering Concept – Adrian V. Gheorghe, Old Dominion University.

The Need for Technical Reference Interoperability Architecture – Dave Hardin, Invensys.

GridWise™ Interoperability Framework Extensions of Concepts – Joe Hughes, Electric Power Research Institute.

GridWise™ Architecture Council Interoperability Context-Setting Framework Position Paper – Walt Johnson, Electric Power Research Institute.

Synchronized real time data: a new foundation for the Electric Power Grid – Pat Kennedy and Chuck Wells.

The Need for Standards – Jim Luth, OPC Foundation Technical Director.

Sempra Energy Utilities – Terry Mohn, San Diego Gas and Electric Sempra Energy.

Position Paper – Scott Neumann, UISOL.

Application of GridWise™ Interoperability Framework to Demand Response – Farrokh A. Rahimi, Ph.D. and Farrokh Albuyeh, Ph.D.

GridWise™ Interoperability Workshop – Greg Robinson, Extensible Solutions.

Interoperability Beyond Good Standards – Richard Schomberg, EDF.

Interoperability to Naturally Grow Power Delivery Infrastructures – Richard Schomberg, EDF (PDF 137KB)

GridWise™ Interoperability – Joe Weiss, Applied Control Solutions, LLC (PDF 126KB)

Synchronized real time data: a new foundation for the Electric Power Grid. – Pat Kennedy and Chuck Wells (PDF 152KB)

Interoperability Context-Setting Framework – Thomas Yeh, Connected Energy Corp. (PDF 122KB)