Transactive Energy Workshop 2012

The GridWise® Architecture Council (GWAC) hosted its second workshop on transactive energy at IBM’s T.J. Watson Research Center on March 28 – 29, 2012. This workshop expanded on the activities and results of the previous workshop held at OATI in May 2011. The objective of the previous workshop was to bring together a small number of people engaged in research and development of transactive energy techniques to share their approaches, discuss the nature of these approaches, identify opportunities for collaboration, and identify research and development needs. Each participant described their work through presentation to the group.

The 2012 Transactive Energy Workshop (TEW) engaged a broader group including researchers and others in the electric power industry with an interest in the topic. The first day of the workshop consisted of presentations from last year’s participants providing an update on their ongoing work and presentations from new participants describing their work related to this topic. The second day consisted of working sessions to discuss the group’s transactive energy white paper, discuss tutorial material on transactive energy, which will be presented at upcoming meetings, and to coordinate transactive energy panel sessions and tracks at meetings including Grid-Interop 2012 and the 2013 IEEE Innovative Smart Grid Technologies conference.

The complete proceedings (PDF 2.12MB) are available for download including the individual presentations.

Transactive Energy Workshop Participants
IBM’s T.J. Watson Research Center
March 28, 2012